Instantasset limited is a team of professionals and an online platform for generating income from investing in crypto currency mining.

In a time of global crisis, a pandemic, and a generally unstable political and social environment, cryptocurrencies have shown remarkable stability and growth. Moreover, the pandemic-induced economic downturn played into the hands of the industry by not only attracting professional cryptocurrency traders but also reviving mining as a way of generating passive income. We at Instant Asset has taken on this opportunity crypto trading has availed us to manage our assets and that of our investors to generate daily passive income. We're a company with a team of professionals trading the Cryptocurrency market, forex and binary options asset as well as stocks, bonds ETFs arbitration, and mutual funds. We use all this to generate a stable income for our company and investors alike. You earn daily a 3% income for a period of 40 days, with the option to withdraw your principal and earnings at anytime you choose after 24 hours from time the investment was made. To start earning, all you have to do is Register an account and make a deposit. Our investment range is between the minimum of $10 to a maximum of $100,000 per transaction. Welcome to Instant Assets, Enjoy your earnings. We look forward to giving you the very best.


INSTANT ASSET LIMITED is a Private Limited company incorporated in the UK in 27 October 2020. We have a team of professional traders and fininancial analyst, who work together to create a perfect investment program and guarantee daily profit.


Corporate Number : 12978499

Corporate Address : 62 Denbigh Street Pimlico, London, United Kingdom, SW1V 2EU

Amazing Features

The advantages of working with us are countless. But let's highlight the important ones.

Profitable investment

You can double your capital in less than 40 days of investing with us

Risk-free investment

We have a team of professional traders working for you round the clock, which significantly reduce the risk of losing money and guarantee stable daily return

Round-the-clock support

Our online support is up and ready 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you to solve any problem you might have.

Legal Company

The site instantasset.io operates on behalf of the program Instant Asset Limited, officially registered in the UK

Principal Withdraw at anytime

We have a very flexible investment plan that allows you to release and withdraw your capital back at anytime

Data Security

Your money and personal data are protected by a powerful Ddos-guard system and EV SSL security protocol

Affliate Program

Promote our platform to others using your referral link and receive a commission from each of them. Your team can count many people, each their deposit or reinvestment is additional funds to your balance. More information are available after logging in.

3 Level


  • 5%

  • 2%

  • 1%

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And_Wy $24.00
Padakori $242.89
JajjaM $12.00
Larky03 $42.62
And_Wy $38.50
SteveC $10.59

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Hyipbtc $3.00
Oxa1964 $1.80
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CassieB $1.02
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Philippeco06 $6.01
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bomnhi05 $1.17
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